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    “Over the past 20 years, I have brought my Alaskan Malamutes, Samoyed’s, and Siberian Huskies to Dr. Maggie Regner of Regner Veterinary Clinic. The health and welfare of my dogs is paramount to me. Dr. Regner understands this and that is why I continually rely on her and her staff. Everyone at Regner Vet Clinic is friendly, helpful, and most of all accommodating.

    Regner Vet Clinic is here for me, good times and bad. When Dr. Regner finds something askew in a test result, she will contact you immediately and will offer options to hopefully correct any potential health issues. In addition, when it comes time for one of my dogs to cross the Rainbow Bridge, Dr. Regner is not only compassionate but empathetic for one’s loss. She will join you in shedding a tear.

    Thank you Dr. Regner and staff. Your efforts, talent, and counsel go far beyond any appreciation I could offer.”

  • Dr. Regner and the entire staff at Regner Veterinary Clinic is the reason our English Bulldog puppy is alive today. At 9 weeks of age our dog was diagnosed with a sever case of pneumonia and placed in a 24 hour care facility with oxygen tubes and IV catheters of medicine being pumped through him just to keep him alive. After 3 days and thousands of dollars we were told that the chances were looking far worse for his survival and we needed to be prepared to make the decision if we would place him on a ventilator or not. Not knowing what else to do and knowing that we financially could not continue to pay over 1000 per day we asked for our dog to be discharged and decided it was better for him to be home with us if he was not going to make it then to spend his last moments in a small cage in an isolation room. We wanted to know that we did everything we possibly could to save our dogs life. We frantically made calls searching for help. This is when we found Dr. Regner! From the very first call when Holly, not knowing us at all took the time to talk with me over the phone and help me so much with a plan of action and address all of the million questions I had during this horrible and uncertain time. Dr. Regner immediately started an aggressive plan and went above and beyond to be sure that every possible solution to save our dogs life was done. Non stop care was given to our puppy and a level of care that words can not describe. We were given multiple numbers for staff so that they could be reached after hours in case we needed them or had any questions or concerns. One of those very long and tear filled evenings we received a call from Tasha at Regner Veterinary and she asked if she could come to our home to give Ace a shot that she felt was needed that night. We were at a loss for words that someone would care that much to come to our home because they knew it was needed. I felt that we were not only clients but that the whole Clinic adopted out dog and was fully committed that they would do everything in their power to help him survive what many said he would not. The medications and intensive treatment plan that Dr Regner chose is the reason Ace is alive today. Ace is now 14 weeks old and strong, healthy and happy.

    We can never relay fully how deeply thankful we are for Dr. Regner’s commitment,dedication and expertise that saved Ace’s life.

    Our most sincere gratitude